My name is Charlotte.

I, like so many other people in this world, have had a turbulent life but decided that there must be a better way. In 2000 I spent the year in Australia learning about myself and the human race. When I came back to the UK I was excited about my future and wanted to pass on my knowledge and experience to others who may have concerns and worries of their own. I was at peace with myself and would like to bring that peace of mind to anyone who may be in need.

From 2001 I began studying to become a professional therapist although I was unsure exactly in which field I wanted to work, so worked in nearly every field there was with children and adolescents. After about 5 years this progressed into working with adults.

As well as qualifying as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist I also explored the spiritual side of life, and "life purpose". I was curious to explore and understand a persons own spiritual connection after emptying themselves of the very, what I like to call "human stuff", the stuff that keeps us stuck, haunts us and/or stops us from moving forward and reaching our potential and finding true happiness and peace. I work with hypnotherapy as my vehicle to relax people and help them feel safe and secure to reach and explore their "blockages" and combine this with the tools of psychotherapy to resolve and diminish those blockages and to finally help people move on in the best way for them, leaving the pathway also clear for spiritual development.

Since then, over the last few years, I have also been a top sales coach working with several million dollar companies and being the top coach working online and at events.  I have now branched my skills into coaching and working with online entrepreneurs in a range of professions.  Working with them to overcome money blocks and self-limiting belief's then working on the necessary online marketing skills required and the actions needed to become successful online entrepreneurs.

I also work with coaches and therapists developing online marketing skills to increase their work flow and expand their business to live with abundance.

Overall my experience amounts to over 10 years of professional experience and I am still just as enthusiastic in guiding and empowering people to live their life truly as they desire.

I am pleased to say that I have finally found my passion helping men and women unblock limiting belief's, discover their purpose,  recognise their potential and start actually living the life they desire with abundance.