Finding the Blocks

OK so, we have released general negative emotions and we have discovered and grown our future self.   Please find these recordings and instructions in the “Releasing Negative Emotions” blog.   Now its time to get specific. 

What is the reason we are not our future Self right now?  There is a specific block (belief) or blockages to that future self and now our subconscious mind knows more specifically what it wants to focus on the block/s(belief/s) can be shown to us with more awareness.  However, it is not as simple as just thinking about it.  Our subconscious mind acts without the conscious mind and we do things purely automated and based on our core beliefs and we do not know we are acting in a certain way or why.  The following recording will bring that blockage/belief to conscious awareness.  We then need to discover where that blockage/belief has come from then we can begin to work with it and get rid of it and create a new belief or new belief`s.  

It is now very important that we begin, if we haven’t already, to write things down.  It is a way of releasing and since you are not coming for one-to-one therapy you need a way to consciously release things.  Writing is a good substitute. 

Let me give you an example of how a belief/blockage works.  I had a client who wanted to improve her self-confidence. She knew how she wanted to be and discovered that her blockage/belief was that she didn’t feel good enough. Her not feeling good enough was based on a belief that people judge her and laugh at her.  She was quite perplexed and could not link her not feeling good enough with people judging her.  During a session she uncovered a memory of being in school about 9 years old and being in the toilets, she over-heard 2 of her friends talking about her and commenting that she had a funny style of running.  That 9-year-old part of her was so hurt and blamed herself deducing that she was not good enough to have friends, that she was too different and “weird”.  As an adult reading this I am sure you are thinking that’s ridiculous and is no reason to feel not good enough.  Your right! However, that 9-year-old child is the part that is “stuck” “fixated” in the experience.  It is not the adult that needs help understanding this, it is the 9-year-old.  Through therapy this client was able to help that 9-year-old part of her feel what she needed to feel and express her hurt,anger and self-doubt until she was able to be free of that memory emotionally.  Once she had freedom from it she was able to build a new belief pattern and her confidence changed naturally and easily.

So, once you listen to the recording, write down your experience, its an important part of the healing process because beliefs have a physiological effect on the body.  It is important the all elements of the memory are realised, the psychological (I am not good enough), emotional (I feel sad) and physiological (the body feels heavy, tired or shaking).  Writing brings the experience even closer to conscious reality than just thinking. Speaking about it brings it even further into conscious awareness.