Charlotte is an Analytical Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist and life coach.

What Charlotte does is use hypnosis to bridge the gap between the conscious and the subconscious mind. The reason its important to be able to do that is because every action that we take, thought that we have, feeling that we feel is based on a neural and physiological system that creates our belief systems. These belief systems enable us to take action and make decisions unconsciously. Which is great when you think how efficient we can be with this ability. For example, walking, writing, speaking, driving etc. All subconscious actions that enable us to experience so much more in life which is great.

However, where this doesnt work is where we experience, anxiety, depression, a traumatic experience or we have limiting beliefs etc etc. By bridging the gap between the subconscious and conscious mind Charlotte guides and supports you to realise the parts of this mechanism (physiological symptoms, emotional and psychological symptoms), that have got stuck and she can facilitate the safe release of those mechanisms which in turn leads you to a natural and permanent change. Just to clarify a traumatic experience does not have to be that we were attacked, it could be something as simple as my brother stole my apple and my mum did not tell him off, therefore she loves him more than me.

As crazy as that may sound. That part of you that experienced those feelings at the time, if they were not accepted and realised but rather repressed or ignored then a part of your mechanisms (physiological, emotional and psychological), remain stuck there. That one experience could have led to self-beliefs of not being good enough, unlovable, unworthy etc etc.

Once these symptoms have been realised at their root cause then new systems and mechanisms can be put in place. When the brain (subconcious) experiences this change and new neurons are created, it takes around 72 hours for them to begin to start connecting and firing with other neurons and to grow in strength so that the new system works automatically and without you having to wake up every morning and force yourself to "deal" with or "manage" your issues. They will just change naturally and automatically.


So other talking therapies are great however, they are very conscious. Actually we want to get past the conscious mind. Typically its a distraction. We want to get to the subconscious mind since that is what really drives your actions, reactions, thoughts and decisions. Its well protected in order to serve us more automatically and hypnosis/relaxation/meditation all allow that door to open. It is the most powerful tool out there for inducing permanent and natual change.

Wherever you are in the world you have the opportunity to work with Charlotte, she works online and in person. She allows a safe environment and with many years of experience and having worked with many clients Charlotte has at her disposal many psychotherapy tools to hand to ensure your journey is safe and effective. Hypnotherapy is not about Charlotte controlling your mind but rather allowing a safe space in which the long hidden and well protected answers that you have within you are able to surface and be recognised. It is actually your own subconscious that does the work. Charlotte uses her skills like a coach or teacher would.

If there is anything that you are unsure of or would like more information on then please reach out.

Charlotte offers a FREE consultation which can be conducted in person or Online via Zoom, so CLICK THIS LINK TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT or contact her on 0034654931886 or email with any questions you have.