What is Psychotherapy?


Psychotherapy is another form of counselling. It is often known as a “talking” therapy, but I see it as a “listening” therapy.

There are many people who believe that psychotherapy is only for people who have serious mental health issues or for those who are in mental health institutes. This is not the case.

The word psycho means soul or mind and therapy as we know is therapy. It’s not so scary once you see it like that!

However, psychotherapy is a more in-depth look into the psyche, at what causes behaviours and patterns which you may want to change, compared to counselling which does not go as
“deep” into the psyche.

This definition can be found via this link:

You will find that psychotherapy, although it may sound more daunting, will have a permanent and more stable effect on what it is that you desire to change.

As with all mind therapies there are many techniques, all of which have their place. As your therapist I will use an eclectic, safe, well tried and tested mix which is designed for you personally.

Many of the techniques are the same as that which I use for hypnotherapy. The difference being the hypnotherapy operates with you in a more relaxed state of mind.

Do you feel the need to talk to someone about something that is bothering you or holding you back?

Consultation is FREE why wait to clear your mind and free your future of a burden that is holding you back?

Psychotherapy sessions are offered in Tenerife, Spain, or internationally via Zoom.

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