Releasing Negative Beliefs

Why is it important to release negative belief´s?  Is it possible to release them permanently? Can’t you just “force” them away, “refuse” to think about them?

I get the above statement and questions a lot.  Firstly, if it is possible to be released of negative belief´s then why wouldn’t you want to get rid of them?  Fine by me if you want to hang on to them but what do they stop you doing?  What does the negative belief of “I am not good enough” for example, stop you doing?  Going for that job you always wanted? Telling that person, you have been in love with for 10 years your feelings?  Making life changing decisions?  Not only that, what could you achieve if you DIDN´T have those negative belief´s?  Think about it for 5 minutes.  If you were good enough, what would you do?What could you do? Make better decisions for yourself?  Allow yourself to dream?  Allow yourself to be who you are?  Find happiness?  Find peace? Find Love?

YES!  It is possible to release negative belief´s permanently.  Even if it is “just the way you are made”. This was a conversation I had with client who felt he was “born” shy. Confidence just wasn’t an option. He just wasn’t born that way.  I had asked him what he wanted to start doing with his life, he gave me some positive ideas, then this is the conversation that ensued:

Charlotte: Wow! Sounds awesome! What may be holding you back?

Client: Comfort zone Shyness and nerves as usual but, just need to go for it.

Charlotte: Great! What can you do to help those shyness and nerves become confidence and self assurance?

Client: Strive

Charlotte: Cool! What does strive mean?

Client: Push myself

Charlotte: To…

Client: Breaking the ice and then persist

Charlotte: Great. Where do the shyness and nerves come from?

Client: From birth

Charlotte: And where else?

Client: Can remember the same feelings from my first memories.  Over analysing everything.

Charlotte: So you get nervous and shy because you over analyse? Is that what you mean?

Client: Yeah, always imagine the worst when I go into something new

Charlotte: Ok good. And when you feel confident about something, how does that feel?

Client: Good

Charlotte: And where does that come from?

Client: Effort

Charlotte: And where does that effort come from?

Client: A desire

Charlotte: And the desire, where does that come from?

Client: Tough question.  (Long pause) From within

Charlotte: Great! So its within you, a part of you?

Client: Just need to focus on that more and more.  Yeh Its natural! It´s there! (Big smile)

Charlotte: So if desire was a part of you, what part would it be?

Client: Driving part

Charlotte: And if it was an animal, what animal would it be?

Client: Don't know

Charlotte: Give it a few minutes

Client: A cat

Charlotte: And what colour would the cat be?

Client:  Sandy colour

Charlotte: What type of cat?

Client:  House

Charlotte: Ok excellent.  What part of you is the nerves and shyness?

Client: Dead part

Charlotte:  And what animal would that be?

Client: Cockroach Lol

Charlotte: Lol great!  So what happens when the cat and the cockroach meet?

Client: Lol  The roach dies

Charlotte: Visualise it

Client: Easy, seen it happen

Charlotte: And where are the nerves and shyness now?

Client: don’t know

Charlotte: Just check and see whats happened with the nerves and shyness. Has it gone, has it moved, changed?

Client Yeah That's weird.  When I imagine going somewhere new, not as nervous!

Now what will start to happen is that neurons will need to fire less because that person will not feel shy and nervous so often and eventually they will become unused and abandoned by the brain.  Resulting in the feelings no longer existing OR perhaps being acknowledged but not acted on.  Instead new neural pathways will begin to take shape and grow and connect and a new pattern of behaviour will emerge, new feelings will be felt, new belief´s will be evident.  This process can be created after about 72 hours, as far as has been scientifically documented to now.  Sometimes in my experience it can be instantaneous.  This particular client has since reported behaving incompletely new ways without giving it “a second thought”.  Although they are still working on other aspects of where the shyness and nerves actually came from, how it was created. Its not that the client never feels shy or nervous but not in a way that prevents him from doing things like it did before and now because it has less influence he can look further into how he came to believe that it controlled him.

As for the last question.  “Can’t it be forced away or refuse to think about it”?  Well, that is what you have been trying to do your whole life right? Has it worked?  There is so much more to this answer as well.  This brings up the whole subject of unconscious memories, insomnia due to trauma, post-traumatic stress and more.  Not for this article but maybe one for the future.

These self-hypnosis audio´s explain what you need to be aware of before listening to this generic recording to release emotions.  There are 2 one to help release negative emotions and one to build your future self.  Please listen to each of them in no particular order and 2-3 times per week each.  Begin working with this and the next article will take you to the next step.  That article is “Releasing Specific Blocks”.  

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