So we have done some work on our negative belief´s and I hope you have been listening to the recording 2-3 times a week and writing down your experiences.  It is important that these belief´s are cleared so that there no blockages and contradictions that may stop you creating and growing the belief´s you want.

Now that you have cleared some space we need to start filling it with something new, something that the subconscious mind can begin to nurture and grow, thus allowing the neural pathways to spread and grow concreting the new belief deep into your subconscious, requiring less conscious action.  For example, driving.  How did the process go from being so conscious to being so automatic?  The brain built the foundations of “how to drive” during the lessons.  The more you practised, the more automatic it became because the neurons after each lesson and something new was learned have now been created in the brain.  Just one lesson on clutch control and the brain has created a neural pathway for that.

The more a neural pathway is used the “stronger” it becomes.  The stronger it gets the less the conscious mind is needed.  It’s a fantastic ability that the brain has and YOU are in the “driving” seat, excuse the pun!   If a neural pathway is not used very often the conscious mind is needed more. For example, if you don’t drive for 10 years when you come back to it,the knowledge is still there but you need a bit more conscious thought for the first couple of times for it to feel “natural” again.

Ultimately you want to achieve that natural unconscious action.  What is it that you desire? Self-confidence, self-esteem,better communication skills, weight loss, better relationships, etc etc.  Whatever your desire is, the reason I want to focus you to getting it to happen“naturally” without “conscious” thought is because it will be more sustainable,more consistent and less conflict will go on in your mind.  You know how you are really good at dieting for a few weeks and then it all goes out the window.  Imagine if you could eat healthy naturally,without the constant battle, which you more often than not lose. Imagine if you were just confident and didn’t have to spend half an hour before you leave the house going over in your mind, how you should act, what people might say, what they might think about you?  Dressing, living and acting based on your thoughts about what people may or may not like you to say or do.  What if you just got ready and went out?  How would that feel?  What would that do for your life?

Think about that now.  What in your life would make your life better if you created it as a natural process which wasn’t conflicted and a conscious effort? Which if acted on naturally created a happy more peaceful world for you and your consciousness to live in?

Lets start the process! 

The first part is to think about what you want.  Self-confidence, to be slim, to be a non-smoker.  Whatever it is write it in the positive.  “I want to be self-confident” not “I don’t want to be shy”.

The next step is to build an ideal. The more detail you put into this the better.  I have created a recording which will help you to build this ideal. Listen to it 3 times a week. Write it down.  Grow it!  If you have someone you can tell and they will listen and be supportive, grow the idea with them. 

Finding Your Future You